tirsdag 13. januar 2009

The Curse of Many Friends

The first Norwegian king who has an entire saga written about him is Halvdan Svarte (ca 810-860). According to the myth: He expanded his territory quite a bit, but was still only one of many small kings in Norway at the time. Yet he was well-liked by his people, and had many friends. At the age of only 40 his slead drove across a fjord(Randsfjorden) that was frozen, but the ice broke and him and many of his men drowned.

Later on the body was recovered. Important men came from each of the 4 districts he had governed, (Ringerike, Romerike, Vestfold and Hedmark), all of them wanted the body to berry it. Believing if would give a good harvest. As an agreement they parted the body in 4, and each were made a grave for. The vikings berried their kings in huge piles of earth, and each of his piles were called Halvdanshaugen (haugen meaning pile). They are all still visible today, and Norwegian archeologists have agreed not to dig up in these piles so that they won't destroy what is a really cool myth. However, checking the earth layors in the piles they have found that they are from about year 870, just 10 years after the king died.

Fact or fiction.. 4 graves for one person still classifies as weird in my book.

søndag 11. januar 2009

Hobbit Feet

Compare Hobbit Feet

Since the filming of LOTR hobbit-feet have become a fashion trend. Designs vary in shades, hairyness and shape. Would you prefer one that could fit your shoe inside or the original commando version?

At the end of filming the LOTR movies a big fire was set on all the remaining feet to keep them from being sold illegally on ebay.

lørdag 10. januar 2009

Hair Frenzy

I like most people think of this when I think of the 60s:

image courtesy of: springlake-earth.org

The notorious beehive, a hairspray demanding style indeed. And a question that you may ask youself is; "How did they get the hair so high?" Well, bread crusts is the answer. And they didn't change the bread packed so neatly inside their hair every day either. There's a reason why head lice were alot more common in the 60s then they are today. But hey, everything to be fashionable! Right..?

fredag 9. januar 2009


Tour de skridsk-O was arranged Wednesday 7th January 09, the very first skate-orientation competicion. Now there's a few types of orienteering that exists, but on skates? Well bicycle and canoe I get, but on skates, in the dark? Well it does sound a little interesting. I may just go check if those old skates of mine arent entirely eaten up by moths yet.

torsdag 8. januar 2009

Toilet Radio

Yet another one of those usefull(?) inventions. The toilet radio! It turns on and off as you open or close the toilet lid. More hygenic then you'd think, and look at all the good sides:

  • You are entertained when using the toilet.

  • You learn a lot of snippets of knowledge at random.

  • Learning is automatic and without commitment in an environment usually devoid of intellectual sound.
  • You can always tell if someone else is using the toilet even if they do not lock the door and do not whistle, as you can hear the radio.

  • After the installation of the toilet radio, everyone remembers to shut the toilet lid after use (because no-one is so careless that they'll wastefully leave the radio on!)

  • As you use the toilet at night sometimes, you get to hear unexpected items on nighttime radio.

  • Makes good humour in relation to something considered taboo.

  • Visitors make comment on the ingenuity and comedy value of the toilet radio arrangement.

And the downsides? well my Source mentions none. I would not advise it in households where bathroom ques are already a problem, as it will cause people to prolong their bathroom sessions.

onsdag 7. januar 2009

Well that's usefull!

Now I definatly can't do without a pair of these. They'll work as scarfs in the summer when it's too hot to use the woollen type. They'll may keep you from drowning if tied properly around the neck, altough you could get strangeled as a side-effect. I will garantee that wearing this coture ensamble will draw attention to your bust area!

tirsdag 6. januar 2009

Big Headed?

I guess you've heard about the Easter Island and it's stone heads right? Well it happens to be our item of the day.


The exact use of these heads is as un-clear as how the inhabitants came up with the idea. Carving giant figures out of the lava-rocks and move them miles away to this open location? And the cubism-like design seems highly contemporary, yet the sculptures are thousands of years old. Thor Heyerdal managed to figure out how they were moved, but not why. And who did these figures represent? Great cheifs, gods, demons, defeated villains, martyrs?

Regardless, they make one huge collection of weird items!